DC Fab Lab

May 29, 2003

MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms is broadly exploring how the content of information relates to its physical representation. One of its grand-challenge research goals is to bring the programmability of the digital world to the physical world through the development of technologies to personalize fabrication rather than computation, by using table-top means to make logic, sensing, actuation, and displays as well as mechanical structures. Along with the enabling research at MIT, CBA is establishing a growing network of field "fab labs" to explore the prospective users and applications of these technologies: http://cba.mit.edu/projects/fablab/. This effort is based on the observation that it is already possible to accessibly emulate the functionality of a Personal Fabricator; early field experience is leading towards a recognition of the opportunity to address what can be thought of as instrumentation and fabrication as well as digital divides.

The fab lab program has strong connections with the technical outreach activities of a number of partner organizations, around the emerging possibility for ordinary people to not just learn about science and engineering but actually design machines and make measurements that are relevant to them. This meeting will explore the possibility of working together to set up a fab lab in the DC area, aimed at meeting the needs of local communities as well as policy-makers.

Neil Gershenfeld


Room 150
The National Academies
2100 C Street, NW
Washington, DC
(202) 334-2150

  • 8:00-9:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00-9:45 MIT briefings
       Fab Labs
       Computer Clubhouses
  • 9:45-10:30 Partner briefings
  • 10:30-11:00 Break
  • 11:00-12:00 Planning
  • 12:00-4:00 Site visits


S. Kamal Abdali
Division Director
Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering
The National Science Foundation
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Issues Director
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John Bailey
Director of the Office Educational Technology
U.S. Departmental of Education
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Dr. Sankar Basu
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Design Automation for Micro & Nano Systems Program
CISE/CCR Division
National Science Foundation
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John A. Daly
The World Bank (Development Gateway Foundation)
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Prof. Neil Gershenfeld
Director, Center for Bits and Atoms
Room E15-411
20 Ames Street
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Daniel Gohl, Principal
McKinley Technology High School
Penn Center, First Floor
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Jeffrey H. Haeni, Ph.D.
AAAS Science Fellow
Congressman Rush Holt (NJ-12)
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David Hart
Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
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DC ACTS in DC Public Schools
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Dr. Neville I. Marzwell
Advanced Concepts/Technology Innovations
Avionic Systems Engineering
Solar System Exploration  Program Directorate
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Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army
for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
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Director, Foresight and Governance Project
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Center for Bits and Atoms
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