The Center for Bits and Atoms

NSF Site Visit

August 2, 2002

The Wiesner Building

9:00-11:00  Research Briefings
Nicholas Negroponte
Neil Gershenfeld
Computational Mechanisms: "Digital logic was a bad idea"
Isaac Chuang: Quantum Computing
Ben Vigoda: Analog Logic
Biological Interfaces: "Bugs will have programs"
Scott Manalis: Silicon Biology
Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli: RF Biology
Emergent Engineering: "Engineers will not design complex systems"
Bill Butera: Paintable Computing
Raffi Krikorian: Internet 0
Programmable Fabrication: "The future of personal computation is personal fabrication"
Joe Jacobson: Printed Electromechanical Systems
Bakhtiar Mikhak: Fab Labs
Outreach: "The most advanced technologies are needed in the least developed places"
Caroline McEnnis: Instrumentation Divide
Alex Slocum: Pathways to Peace
Sandy Pentland: Global Partnerships
11:00-11:30  Break/Discussion

11:30-12:30  Lab Visit
Scott Manalis: Silicon Biology
Isaac Chuang: Quantum Computing
John DiFrancesco: Macrostructure Rapid-Prototyping
Ashley Salomon: Microstructure Rapid-Prototyping
12:30-1:30  Lunch With Students

1:30-3:00  Field Fab Lab Visit

3:00-3:30  Site Visitors Private Meeting

3:30-4:00  Review/Debrief Meeting