Internet 0 planning workshop

thinner client, thin server

   initially 10 nodes, 100m, 1 hop in Sosh.
   January workshop in Norway

   goal 1: quantify (in)efficiency
      current, voltage, phase -> power
      outside, inside
      cf existing sensors


   N42: Stephen
      houses IS&T
      technical documentation
      open plan office space
      lighting issues
         respond to ambient
         detect occupancy
      build in Jan, field in Feb
      ->BACnet bldgs, Modbus industrial
      results in March

   new Ashdown House, NW35: David
      desire energy awareness
      construction complete August
      need behavioral controls
         fan coil, lights, windows
      ~= retrofit

   San Cugat: Vicente
      200 rental apartments
      finished 2011
      theme: on-site rapid-prototyping of custom housing
      theme: energy Internet of production, storage, sharing, consumption
      theme: intelligent infrastructure for energy efficiency
      theme: design of intelligent spaces
      design starts Feb 08
      tech selection 08
      15M$ funded by city+partners
      Mayor receptive
      test case for I2E transferability with a commercial site
      goal: proposal by the summer
      ? build prototype 2009

   Cisco BXB: Kerry

      new art museum
      groundbreaking late 08, done 2011
      "bring outdoors inside"
      cool with groundwater
      programmable infrastructure for information, lifestyle
      more beautiful, more informative
      information everywhere
      currently in schematic design
      -> reconfigurability (lights, colors, images, air, walls)

      600 people, computing and life sciences
      groundbreaking ~6 mos, finish 2009
      energy sciences, proposing mid-Jan, $75-$100M, 2-3 years
      building as computer, distributed control algorithms
      grid computing in buildings

         2010 occupancy
         Feb contracts
      rework of old Ashdown

community process, standardization, commercialization


      IETF: JP Vasseur+
      clicks RFC + applicability statements
      defer THTP for now

   community process

      Doug Johnson+
      demand driven
      i0 visual identity


      Jack Reader+

   CBA, I2E, MITEI, ...

      Ernie Moniz
      Executive Director: Robin Elices