Open Metrology
August 19, 2022
MIT E14-6

Metrology is, by definition, one of the oldest open-source projects – standards are of no use unless they are shared. But it also has had significant barriers to participation, with advanced (and expensive) equipment used in national laboratories, and proprietary commercial data sets. A range of new technologies are now leading to open metrology practices that are significantly expanding access with faster/better/cheaper tools, which are being used in a range of critical applications. This event, hosted by MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms with support from NIST, will gather this emerging community to explore both the opportunities and challenges for anyone being able to measure (almost) anything. The meeting will be hosted in person, with videos shared afterward. It is open, but attendance requires registration.

   Neil Gershenfeld MIT CBA
   James Warren NIST MGI
   Santanu Chaudhuri (v) DOE ANL
   Stephan Schlamminger Open Measurements of Mass, Force, and Torque
   Richard Bowman (v) Smart Microscopy For Everyone With Open Source Hardware
   Robert Hovden Measuring with Pixels and Voxels
   Luc Boussemaere OpenRAMAN
   Crystal Owens Oreometry
10:30-11:00 Break

   Filippos Tourlomousis (v) Open Materials Foundry
   Jake Read Rapid Prototyping of Materials Measurement
   Erik Strand Computational Metrology
    Jon Seppala The Measurement-Industrial Complex
12:00-1:30 Lunch+Demos

   Manu Prakash (v) Molecular Surveillance
   Alysia Garmulewicz (v) Open Metrology for Accelerating Sustainable Materials
   Fran├žois Grey Global Open Science Hardware
   Tom Igoe, Alexander Adams Light Projects
   Jerry de Vos (v) Plastic Scanner
   Edwin En-Te Hwu (v) Hacking Consumer Electronics for DIY AFM and Biosensing
3:00-3:30 Break

   James Coleman Building Metrology: From File to Field
   Nathan Seidle MEMS Measurements for the Masses
   Juliete Arancio Bringing Open Source to the Global Lab Bench
   Liz Barry Governance, Justice, and Open Measurements
   Robert Hanisch The Digital Transformation of Metrology
4:45-5:15 Future Plans
5:00-6:30 Reception