CBA will host a workshop on the Internet 0 initiative during the week of December 10. This follows earlier events that helped develop:
and apply:
the principles of the Internet to embedded devices. It will gather project participants for working meetings as well as public presentations; the draft agenda is:

December 11

lab work

December 12


9:00-10:00 wired and wireless transports
10:00-11:00 building and industrial automation
11:00-12:00 security

12:00-1:00 lunch

1:00-2:00 thin servers and thinner clients
2:00-3:00 application protocols
3:00-4:00 system management and control
4:00-5:00 RFCs

December 13

9:00-12:00 planning workshop

Wiesner Room (E15-209)

field trials
building testbeds
community process, standardization, commercialization

1:00-4:00 review presentations

Bartos Theater (E15-070)

Neil Gershenfeld (MIT): Introduction
Danny Cohen (Sun): Internet past, present, future
Les Norford (MIT): Building applications
Fred Cohn (Schneider Electric): Industrial applications
David Kopp (Schneider Electric): Current implementation demo
Kerry Lynn (Cisco): Internet 0/1
David Dalrymple (MIT): Security, thin servers, thinner clients
Cefn Hoile (BT): Interfaces
Rob Beverly (MIT): Standards
Stephen Samouhos (MIT): Intelligent Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency (I2E)
Vicente Guallart (IAAC): Media House, San Cugat
Andrew Davies (MAM): UnPrivateHouse, Miami Art Museum

December 14

lab work

Attendance at the presentations and workshops is open based on available space; to register for either please contact