Intelligent Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency

May 25, 2007

The Bartos Theater
Building E15

draft agenda

In the US, roughly 40% of the total energy (and 70% of the electricity) is consumed by buildings, with the greatest demand being for heating, cooling, and lighting. Preliminary trials have found that as much as 30% of this can be recovered by intelligent building infrastructure so that, for example, air handlers are turned off when windows are open, illumination is adjusted in response to natual light, and energy is not expended heating and cooling unoccupied spaces. This makes intelligent infrastructure one of the most accessible opportunities for significantly reducing the environmental and economic impact of energy consumption, but the challenge is that the contribution lies in a "long green tail" of a large number of small savings. To date, the cost and complexity of the required systems has been prohibitive. This event will review the background and discuss planning for a proposed large-scale testbed, initially on MIT's campus, to collaboratively develop, deploy and evaluate the impact of intelligent infrastructure for energy efficiency. This effort will span from enabling research to rapid-prototyping of solutions to scalable commercial implementations.

Attendance is open but requires registration with Susan Murphy-Bottari <>

9:00-10:30 Background Presentations

Neil Gershenfeld (MIT Center for Bits and Atoms)

The Long Green Tail
Danny Cohen (Sun Microsystems)

Building Energy Use
Les Norford (MIT Architecture)

Campus Energy Use
Peter Cooper (MIT Facilities)

Intelligent Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency
Claude Ricaud (Schneider Electric)
Dave Berardi (Tour Andover Controls)

Internet 0
Kerry Lynn (Cisco Systems)
David Kopp (Schneider Electric)

Passive vs Active Building Energy Systems
John Fernandez (MIT Architecture)

Building Information Interfaces
Manu Gupta (MIT House_n Research Consortium)

Security, Optimization, and NW35
David Dalrymple (MIT Center for Bits and Atoms)

Sharing Tower, Sharing Energy

Printing Building Infrastructure
Berok Khoshnevis (USC (video))

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 Project Planning

MIT Energy Initiative
Leon Glicksman (MIT Mechanical Engineering)